Give veterans a fighting chance.

Since 9/11, the growth in support for veterans has more than quadrupled. More than 50,000 organizations across the country are trying to meet the needs of our veterans. Despite a large number of operating organizations that support veterans, their demands have not been met.

Currently, there are more than 20 million veterans in the United States. As of January 2020, a Department of Labor report shows a veteran unemployment rate of 3.1%, which is a staggering 620,000 veterans.

While the Veterans Administration provides many educational benefits for veterans, the system is very complicated for many veterans who are looking to receive their benefits.

To solve this problem we engaged the Veterans Administration along with local vocational schools and colleges who offer certification programs. By doing this we have uniquely positioned our foundation to fill the needs of veterans who fall through the cracks and the VA cannot assist.



Our administrative and operational costs are minimal because unpaid family members operate the foundation.


The founder has created two successful non-profit organizations in conjunction with his son and other family members.


The executive director also mentors transitioning veterans through an established program.

Private Funding

Since the foundation is privately funded through the family members. We guarantee 100% of the donation proceeds will go directly to helping veterans.


We are located near a major military base, four VA Centers, and a VA Hospital.


Two of the members of the foundation are veterans.


 Our current funds allow us to operate on about $200,000 annually. This budget is divided into providing funds for educational courses, course supplies, and operational and administrative costs.

The educational courses include both vocational and certificate training for veterans.

The course supplies include books, exam costs, classroom supplies, tools, and certification fees.

Lastly, since there is no paid staff our operational and administrative costs involve IT-related services, marketing, and events.


  • Educational courses for veterans 52% 52%
  • Course Supplies for veterans 38% 38%
  • Operational & Administrative Costs 10% 10%