Leadership – We strive to provide a path for others to follow.

Integrity – We demonstrate honesty and transparency in all we do.

Patriotism – We show pride in our family’s military service.

Dedication – We strive to assist transitioning veterans.

Advocacy – We offer support to veterans in learning the system.

Honor – We have sincere gratitude for those who serve in our armed services.



The first military experience the Barrett family has was by John Paul Barrett, Sr. who served as an ensign in the World War II era. After seeing his father’s sacrifice for his country, Dr. John P. Barrett, Jr. went on to serve his country. He served as an Orthopedic surgeon. While serving in the armed services, He identified an issue many servicemen on the ground. The servicemen at the time were experiencing problems with their feet. He identified the cause to be the type of shoes they were wearing. He suggested changing the footwear to a shoe similar to a tennis shoe which solved the issue. While growing up, Brian C. Barrett, Sr. saw the success his father had in life, so he chose a path in the armed services as well. He became a Combat Medic in the army and served in desert storm and went on in life to dedicate himself to helping other veterans by mentoring and is now assisting his father to launch Barrett Family Veteran Advocacy.

Dr. John P. Barrett Jr.

Major / Doctor / Founder / Entrepreneur / Family Man

Dr. John P. Barrett Jr. is the founder and chair of the board of trustees of the Dr. John P. Barrett Family Foundation. With a decades-long background of leadership in business, medicine, and philanthropy he defines its strategy. His philanthropic vision focuses on advocacy, retention and increased pay for exceptional teachers.

Dr. Barrett Jr. holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Scranton, and a Doctor of Medicine from Jefferson Medical College. He completed the Harvard Combined Orthopedic Residency Program in orthopedic surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. Upon finishing his residency, he served in the U.S. Air Force before moving to Clearwater, Florida, to join a private practice.

Shortly thereafter, his entrepreneurship began when he founded the Florida Knee and Orthopedic Center, and later, the Arthritis Research Institute of America, and the Aging & Wellness Institute. Other ventures include JB Management, Barrett Family Partnership 1 (BFP1) and Barrett Family Partnership 3 (BFP3).

Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Dr. Barrett resides in Clearwater, Florida, with his wife Erika. When he isn’t traveling abroad, he enjoys golf, classical music, and coin collecting.


Barrett C. Barrett Sr.

Specialist / Executive Director / Family Man

Brian C. Barrett serves as executive director and trustee of the Dr. John P. Barrett Family Foundation. Since its inception in 2013, Brian has worked with his father – founder Dr. John P. Barrett – to develop and implement his vision to champion exceptional high school math and science teachers. Brian spearheads teacher and community outreach, the application process, planning of annual events, and notification of awardees.

Previously, Brian served as a combat medic in the U.S. Army and is a Gulf War veteran.

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Brian resides in Seminole, Florida, with his wife Jennifer and their two children, Devyn and Brian Jr. When Brian isn’t advocating for veterans. In addition to being the executive director for Barrett Family Veteran Advocacy  he serves as a mentor to veterans transitioning back into civilian life.

Our Trustees

We have four total trustees who are all members of the Barrett Family.

Erika Barrett

Wife / Mother / Trustee

Michele Barrett Skelly

Wife / Mother / Trustee

Dr. Samantha Barrett

Doctor / Daughter / Trustee

Jack Dew

Son / Trustee